Sunday, January 20, 2013

Has it really been this long... a blog that I intend to nurture this year...this blog life is for the truly talented! I know a few bloggers that are just that..truly talented...and I hope to one day be just like them...for now...I'll build this blog slow an steady until I get the hang of it...thank you for all the inspiration:

I ended 2012 by becoming "my favorite client." I choose the expensive fabric because I loved it and had to have it, which is my client motto. As a designer, I look for options within the budget however, you do come across those items you can't live this case, it was fabric for my ottoman table.

With that small decision..I completely changed my from room. And or course my favorite chair..that's never used for sitting..

More to come...

I love being my own client!

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